The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Ajahn Amaro's Dharma Talks at Abhayagiri Monastery
Ajahn Amaro
I think of myself primarily as a monk who occasionally teaches, who strives to convey the spirit and the letter of Buddhism through my lifestyle, through explanation, and through the imagery of storytelling in order to bring Buddhism to life for people who are seeking truth and freedom.
1995-01-01 Dependent Origination III : Who Am I? Who Am I? What Is It? What Is? What?? 56:22
(Date unknown)
1995-01-01 Dependent Origination II : An Investigative Tool 59:36
(Date unknown)
1995-01-01 Dependent Origination I : A Beginning Again 42:37
(Date unknown)
1995-01-01 Dukkha And Dependent Origination 53:54
(Date unknown)
1993-01-04 Dependent Origination: Genesis And Cessation 1:11:36
Examining the cycle of subjective captivity. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
1993-01-03 Sex, Violence And The State Of Grace 60:44
Opening our hearts to our mental aromas: welcome to heartbreak hotel. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
1993-01-02 The Fire Sermon 40:17
Exploring our immediate potential for freedom. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
1993-01-01 The Four Noble Truths 62:10
Exploring the essential wisdom of the Buddhas first teaching. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
1991-01-02 Absolute Proof 50:27
How do we know the Buddhas teachings are true? (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
1991-01-01 My Life As A Monk 46:32
Sharing a personal journey of discovery. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)

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